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  1. b minus
  2. binus
  3. bminus
  4. B-
  5. bminus1
  6. negative b
  7. bee movie
  8. Bee Men
  9. bdiggidity
  10. Beekeeper
  11. b-minusnofun
  12. beeman
  13. Bb minus
  14. Bee Man
  15. bminus.
  16. bee minus
  17. Bee
  18. bee-fiddy
  19. beenus
  20. b-minus 1
  21. beeeeeeee
  22. b
  23. Beeminus
  24. b-movie
  25. b+1
  26. vote b+
  27. bplus1
  28. bingus1
  29. bonus
  30. -b
  31. Autonomous Amalgam
  32. B+
  33. b plus
  34. b-virus1
  35. scumtastic
  36. b-minus1
  37. b-1
  38. for Bminus
  39. Mr binus
  40. mr b natural minus
  41. binus again
  42. b-one
  43. bad guy minus
  44. beemer
  45. b minus minus one
  46. b-minus
  47. bminus?

Currently Active Games:

  1. Alive in Monday Night Wars 1995
  2. Alive in Holy Roman Empire/30 Years' War

Old Games:

  1. Played in Carbonated Beverages Mafia
  2. Played in Choose Your Own Genesis Cartridge
  3. Played in Millennials are Killing Mafia
  4. Played in The Something Awful Forums > Discussion > Games > The Game Room
  5. Played in Town of Salem - An Open Format Mafia Game
  6. Played in Many Night Ultimate Mafia V2.0
  7. Played in Death of the Author
  8. Spectator in Attitude Era Mafia
  9. Played in Final Fantasy 6 mafia
  10. Played in Habeas Corpses III - Justice For All
  11. Played in Death Note: You And I Will Be Parting Ways Soon
  12. Played in Contact in Cudlaty
  13. Played in Get a New Avatar Mafia
  14. Spectator in 1980s Movie Box Art
  15. Played in Jealous Husband Returns In Form Of Parrot: Meta Meta Mafia
  16. Played in Dragonball Z Mafia
  17. Played in Mafia Gear Solid
  18. Played in Test Chamber Mafia
  19. Played in Minifauxnen's Mafia
  20. Played in Shine V: How The Southwest Was Won
  21. Played in Shine V: The Texas State Guard
  22. Played in Pretty, pretty, pretty good Mafia
  23. Played in The World Ends With !
  24. Played in Fate/stay Night Mafia
  25. Played in Final Fantasy 7
  26. Played in Super Kawaii Slice of Life Anime Mafia!
  27. Played in Westworld
  28. Spectator in Wandering Samurai
  29. Played in A Council of Wizards
  30. Played in Nat20 is Scum Mafia
  31. Played in Doki Doki Mafia Club
  32. Played in Goodsmead: The Day the Sky Fell
  33. Played in The Grieving of Gaqqu - A Game of Mafia
  34. Played in Dragonball Z Mafia 2 - Androids Edition
  35. Played in Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup - Thrills, Spills, Kills
  36. Spectator in chill mafia, just pretty chill you know, just chillin like some sort of vil
  37. Played in MYST Mafia
  38. Played in Sunshine Mafia
  39. Spectator in Terror Aboard the USRSS Pequod
  40. Played in Frontier Gossip - A Game of Mafia
  41. Spectator in Opus Falconis - A Game of Mafia
  42. Played in Throne of Lies Mafia
  43. Played in The Murder of St. Leroux - A Game of Mafia
  44. Played in Mafia Emblem: Awakening
  45. Played in Heat
  46. Played in You'll Never See It Coming - Persona 5 Mafia
  47. Played in Yu-Gi-Oh Mafia
  48. Played in Town of Salem 2 - A Ranked Revenge!
  49. Played in Goons and Dicks - A Game of Mafia
  50. Spectator in Wine in Front of All IV: Movie Night! - A Mafia Game
  51. Played in Winefia - A Chalice Full of Poison
  52. Played in Octopathfia
  53. Played in Prey Mafia - the most lethal game of hide and seek
  54. Played in The Fifth Element
  55. Played in Prom Mafia
  56. Played in Pokemon Mafia - Gotta lynch them all!
  57. Played in Scooby Doo 2 Mafia - The Legendary Unusual Carnival
  58. Spectator in Final Fantasy Tactics Mafia - Another stupid Cpig game.
  59. Played in A Clash of Crocodiles - A Game of Mafia
  60. Played in Buffy Mafia
  61. Spectator in Shine VI: Fool's Gold
  62. Played in Mega Man X Mafia - A Role Madness Game!
  64. Spectator in Nat20 is a Bad Mod mafia
  65. Played in Grad School Mafia
  66. Spectator in The Thing
  67. Played in Neo-Inuyasha Mafia: Inuyasha
  68. Spectator in Magical Girl Mafia
  69. Spectator in Mafi..uh
  70. Played in Jimmydalad Mafia - This surely can't go wrong at all
  71. Played in Alternating 9P Mafia
  72. Played in CYOR Mashup!
  73. Played in Almost Everyone is a Cop (Mafia)
  74. Played in Magical Girl Mafia - Again!
  75. Spectator in Sandman - A game of mafia
  76. Played in Inuyasha Mafia: Battle for Olympus
  77. Played in Final Fantasy Mafia
  78. Played in pera No Mafia
  79. Played in House Party Mafia - Party Like There's No Tomorrow!
  80. Played in All Cops Are Bad
  81. Played in El Dorado 4 - The Ancient Secret
  82. Played in Pera No Mafia: Once More, With Feeling
  83. Played in Self-Indulgent Mafia
  84. Played in Suffusion
  85. Played in New Avatar Mafia Part 3: Everyone is Getting an Avatar
  86. Played in Contagion Mafia
  87. Played in Pokemon Mafia 2 - Electric Type Boogaloo
  88. Spectator in Convalescence
  89. Spectator in Push Button, Receive Vig
  91. Played in 13 Dead End Drive
  92. Spectator in Hidden Role Mafia
  93. Played in Choose somebody else's role Mafia
  94. Played in Avengers: We're In The LYLO Now
  95. Spectator in Assassin in the Courts
  96. Played in Yobomakeanos Mafia
  97. Played in Yobomakeanos 2: ENDGAME
  98. Played in Dethy Memorial Police Academy Mafia
  99. Played in Old Video Games Mafia CYOR
  100. Played in First In First Out Mafia
  101. Played in The Death of Stalin
  102. Played in Mega Man Mafia 3 (M33) - The Fall Of The House Of Wily
  103. Spectator in Ghostfia
  104. Played in Doug Mafia
  105. Played in When the Seagulls Cry Mafia: Chapter 1
  106. Played in "Everyone has passive abilities" MAFIA
  107. Played in Virtual 'Tuber' Mafia Part I
  108. Played in Wunnenburg Workshops Mafia (part 1)
  109. Played in Fate Mafia 2: Soldiers
  110. Spectator in How the Scum St9le Xmas
  111. Spectator in Everyone's a Cop!
  112. Played in Europa Universalis
  113. Played in Fate Mafia 2: Soldiers - The Mages' Association - The Red Faction
  114. Played in Albert Brooksfia
  115. Played in Monster Hunter Mafia
  116. Played in The Many Secrets of Miss Sylviane Salt - A Game of Mafia
  117. Played in Dragon Quest Builders Mafia - A soldiers-like for 21 people
  118. Spectator in dril Mafia (wint)
  119. Played in Myth Mafia
  120. Played in Telephone Mafia
  121. Spectator in Final Fantasy 8 Mafia
  122. Spectator in Cartoon Wars (Make up the Roles Mafia)
  123. Played in The Corona Outbreak
  124. Played in Hidden Role Mafia 2: Help, I turned my scumbro into a fish
  125. Spectator in Shine VII: The Longest Day
  126. Played in It's possible that there are bastard roles in this mafia game
  127. Played in Tiger King
  128. Played in 18 Karens: Live, Laugh, L*nch
  129. Played in The Election and the King - A Game of Mafia
  130. Played in The Good Place Mafia
  131. Spectator in Harry Potter and the Dementor Invasion
  132. Played in When Mods Collide
  133. Played in A Very Covid Voodoofly
  134. Spectator in The Magic Schoolbus Rides Again
  135. Spectator in Gushers Mini
  136. Played in Dennis Lee's Food Crime Mafia
  137. Played in Red Green Blue Rock Paper Scissors
  138. Played in The Horus Heresy
  139. Played in Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines
  140. Spectator in Jury Duty '76
  141. Played in Play and Listen CYOR 2
  142. Played in FOXNEWS MAFIA
  143. Spectator in Among Us
  144. Played in Worm - A Parahuman Mafia
  145. Played in Final Fantasy 9
  146. Played in Worm - Slaughterhouse 9 vs. Brockton Bay
  147. Played in Brockton Bay vs Echidna
  148. Played in Pinball Mafia 2
  149. Spectator in Cookfia 4: Flavor Pairings
  150. Spectator in Crusader Kings Mafia
  151. Played in Wine in Front of All: Eternal Twilight
  152. Played in Interdimensional Ultimate Deathmatch CYOF Mafia
  153. Played in Dinosaurs
  154. Played in Chaos
  155. Played in Mafia in Margaritaville
  156. Played in Stargate SG-1
  157. Played in Wine in Front of All: Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun!
  158. Played in Frostbound: A Chilling Journey
  159. Spectator in Gnosia
  160. Played in Pathogen Mafia
  161. Spectator in KONG: RECKONING
  162. Played in No flavor, just gameplay. 17-ish players
  163. Played in Space Jam: A New Legacy
  164. Spectator in Moon Colony Bloodbath - A Game of
  165. Played in I'll come up with flavor later, 12 player game
  166. Played in fast food mascots
  167. Played in Exciting Big Circus Mafia
  168. Played in The Soap Strike - A Game of Mafia
  169. Played in Stellaris Mafia
  170. Played in USSR Mafia
  171. Played in Arknights Mafia
  172. Played in Citrine Dreams - A Game of Mafia
  173. Played in Bezzelbee's Technical College - A Game of Mafia
  174. Played in Squid Game
  175. Played in The Monster Mash
  176. Played in Isekai Mafia
  177. Played in Pathogen 2: Bacterial Boogaloo
  178. Played in The Second Annual Select Detective's Ball
  179. Played in Pelicana Drama - A Game of Mafia
  180. Played in Welcome to the Sunset Canyon HOA!
  181. Played in The Outfit 2: Grip of Vice
  182. Played in Phasmomafia and the Horribly Haunted Farmhouse
  183. Played in Rimworld Mafia
  184. Spectator in In the Game of Mafia, You Want to be First or You Want to be Last!
  185. Played in Death Coast
  186. Played in Wordle M A F I A
  187. Played in Mystery Village Mafia
  188. Played in Wine in Front of All: 2021 Mafia All Stars
  189. Played in NFTfia
  190. Played in Gnosia 2
  191. Played in Greek Mythology Mini Mafia
  192. Played in Untitled Goose Mafia
  193. Played in Pathogen 3: Viral Vengeance
  194. Played in LXIX International Alt. Science & Non-Trad. Engineering Fair
  195. Played in Tropical Deforestation Quest!
  196. Played in Task Force X-Files
  197. Played in Final Fantasy X/X-2 Mafia
  198. Spectator in Disney Sing-Along Edition
  199. Played in Project B-157DQ (Humanoid Robots)
  200. Played in HEAVY METAL
  201. Played in Innistrad
  202. Played in Some Strange Characters in: Multiverse of Mafness (CYOR)
  203. Played in Isekai Mafia 2
  204. Played in Gnosia 3 - One More Loop!
  205. Played in Stellaris 2
  206. Played in Love, Masons, and Mafia
  207. Played in Murder in the Magician's Manor
  208. Played in Now That's What I Call Mafia!
  209. Played in The Monster Mash 2 - Transylvanian Dusk
  210. Played in The Linnaeus Incident
  211. Played in Murder at Outpost 4-27a
  212. Played in Office Space
  213. Played in In the Game of Mafia, You Want to be First or You Want to be Last! (2023)
  214. Played in The Marriage of Robert Prae to Hippolyta Junia - A Game of Mafia
  215. Played in Hassle in the Castle (That Never Was)
  216. Played in OOPS! All Bodyguards!
  217. Played in The Last Nights of Camelot
  218. Played in The Passage
  219. Played in Pinball Mafia 3
  220. Played in Kurukshetra Hovarabord Showdown
  221. Played in Touhou Jinrou ~ Erratic Alibi in Paradise
  222. Played in A strangely vague feeling of
  223. Played in The Stepford Wives - A CubicalSucrose Concoction
  224. Played in Disney Mafia
  225. Played in F11 - Race 4 {Newbies Welcome}
  226. Played in F11 - Race 5 {Newbies Welcome}
  227. Played in F11 Race 6 {Newbies Welcome!}
  228. Spectator in F11 Race 7 - Final Race!
  229. Spectator in The Egyptian Job
  230. Played in Made for TV Adolescent Comedy Movie Mafia
  231. Played in Mafia-Pilkki: Rolefishing on ice
  232. Played in Interdimensional Ultimate Deathmatch Mafia 2
  233. Played in Keep It Simple, Scum - Vanilla Mafia
  234. Played in Jesus Christ Superstar