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Old Games:

  1. Played in The Siege of Stanchion Point - A Starcraft Mafia Game
  2. Played in Mad Science
  3. Played in The Demon-Haunted World
  4. Played in I've got you now, Snatcher scum!
  5. Spectator in Postcount / Content Enabled Power Roles: THE GAME
  6. Played in Adrift
  7. Played in Terrible Wizards Convention!
  8. Played in Bloodshed in Bolzano Mafia
  9. Played in A Jew On Christmas
  10. Played in Trouble at Grocery Outlet!
  11. Played in Santa vs. The Bunny
  12. Played in Seriously, This Is The Worst Idea
  13. Played in Death Masks - A Case in the Dresden Files
  14. Played in Neanderthals on a Train
  15. Spectator in The Colour of Magic
  16. Played in Tenpenny Tower
  17. Played in The Light Fantastic
  18. Spectator in Murder on the Orient Express!
  19. Played in Copland: The Trial of Dayton Creed
  20. Played in What's in a Name?
  21. Played in Robot Mafia
  22. Played in Megaton Mafia
  23. Played in Star Trek: TNG Romulan Invasion!
  24. Played in Roanoke Mini-Mafia
  25. Played in Winvirus vs. Lumpen
  26. Played in Paranoia Mafia
  27. Played in Freedom of Information v2.0
  28. Spectator in The Sims : Reticulating Scums
  29. Played in A Wildly Unbalanced CYOR
  30. Moderator in TheRam's Greek Mythos Mafia!
  31. Played in A Scanner Darkly
  32. Played in Mafia: Big Bob's Robot Revolt
  33. Spectator in Tupelo Mafia
  34. Moderator in TheRam's Dystopian Cliche Mafia!
  35. Played in Dexter: Season D
  36. Played in Solium Infernum Mini-Mafia
  37. Played in Neanderthals at the Louvre
  38. Played in Down on the Farm . . .
  39. Spectator in Haunted Boat CYOR
  40. Played in Terror on Tarantulus IV
  41. Moderator in TheRam's Jungle Mafia!
  42. Played in Goodsmead: Post-apocalypse Survival and YOU!
  43. Played in Am I a bird? No, I'm a bat. I'm Batman.
  44. Played in Scum are the AT&T of People: Community Mafia
  45. Played in The Lifeboat Mafia
  46. Spectator in I AM SPARTACUS!
  47. Played in Detective Mafia!
  48. Spectator in The Verne Crisis
  49. Moderator in TheRam's Intuition Mafia!
  50. Played in Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Mafia
  51. Played in American Psycho
  52. Played in Fringe, Part 1
  53. Spectator in Speed Grapher: The Roppongi Crisis CYOR
  54. Played in Mafia: Big Bob's Robot Revenge
  55. Played in The Lost Otakus - Trouble in Anime Paradise (F11 Game)
  56. Played in The Faculty - An academic game of mafia
  57. Played in Greenbow 1864: A Mole in Mooreville
  58. Played in The Night Circus
  59. Played in John Malkovich Mafia
  60. Played in The Staff of Anubis
  61. Played in Nicolas Cage
  62. Played in The Amazing Race
  63. Played in Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem Mafia
  64. Played in The Sopranos vs Rugrats
  65. Played in Saw "Mafia"
  66. Played in Dark Souls: Prepare to Die
  67. Spectator in A Disturbance in Star Sector Sigma
  68. Spectator in Red Dwarf
  69. Played in Pointless Complicated RPG
  70. Played in a very mafia memorial day
  71. Played in Baroque Mafia
  72. Spectator in SA Mafia - Check the OP, Thread is up!
  73. Played in The Dragons of Mafia
  74. Played in The Field
  75. Played in Tick Tock - A Light's Out Mafia Game.
  76. Played in Dr. Winslow's Serious Game For Serious Folk
  77. Played in Last Will & Testament (of Jackie Onassis and friends)
  78. Played in Dragon Ball Z Kai
  79. Played in Krellfia!
  80. Played in El Dorado 2: Mayhem in the Dunes
  81. Played in Three Axis Mafia
  82. Played in Role Madness 3
  83. Spectator in The Season Finale of Dragon Ball Z Kai
  84. Spectator in The Theater