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  1. Stuntastic
  2. Stuntstic
  3. Stunt

Currently Active Games:

Old Games:

  1. Played in The Siege of Stanchion Point - A Starcraft Mafia Game
  2. Played in Bloodshed in Bolzano Mafia
  3. Spectator in Terrible Wizards Convention!
  4. Spectator in Covert Operations
  5. Played in Trouble at Grocery Outlet!
  6. Played in Murder on the Orient Express!
  7. Played in Neanderthals on a Train
  8. Spectator in From Hell - Jack the Ripper and the Whitechapel Murders
  9. Spectator in Roanoke Mini-Mafia
  10. Played in Winvirus vs. Lumpen
  11. Played in American Gods Mafia
  12. Spectator in Freedom of Information v2.0
  13. Spectator in Robot Mafia
  14. Spectator in Mafia: Big Bob's Robot Revolt
  15. Played in Tupelo Mafia
  16. Played in Revolucion! Mafia
  17. Played in Evolution: Survival of the Fittest!
  18. Played in Dexter: Season D
  19. Played in Neanderthals at the Louvre
  20. Played in Haunted Boat CYOR
  21. Played in God Hates You Mini-Mafia
  22. Played in Schoolyard Mafia
  23. Played in Goodsmead: Post-apocalypse Survival and YOU!
  24. Played in Am I a bird? No, I'm a bat. I'm Batman.
  25. Played in Archer: Mole Hunt
  26. Played in Scum are the AT&T of People: Community Mafia
  27. Played in I AM SPARTACUS!
  28. Played in Haunted: The Death Retreat
  29. Played in Mafia: Mystery Setup
  30. Played in The Verne Crisis
  31. Played in Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Mafia
  32. Played in Speed Grapher: The Roppongi Crisis CYOR
  33. Spectator in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  34. Played in Grammar Nazi Mafia
  35. Played in The One Where Someone Got Stabbed
  36. Spectator in Subterfuge at Khimmer Pass
  37. Played in Thir13en
  38. Played in Legends of the Hidden Temple III
  39. Spectator in Mean Mr.Mafia
  40. Played in Got Yourself A Gun (Hiphop Mafia)
  41. Moderator in PLEASE, STOP, NO! Mr Mouth Eat Egg
  42. Played in The Mafia Revolution
  43. Played in League of Legends - The Demacian War Camp
  44. Played in Chili is The Betrayer's Bitch - An F11 Game
  45. Played in : Choose Your Own Mafia - Be all that you can be
  46. Spectator in League of Legends - The Noxian Battle Assembly
  47. Moderator in The Agency - Journal Mafia
  48. Played in Operation: Mafia Blood Purge 2000
  49. Played in Alpha Centauri - Arrival of the Unity
  50. Played in Vanguard on the Volga - A Game of Mafia
  51. Played in Ultima - The Black Gate mafia
  52. Played in Queen vs. AIDS mafia: A game for 25
  53. Spectator in In Medio Mari Et Viam
  54. Played in Breaking Bad
  55. Spectator in Misfits - The Park Fair Programme for Troubled Youths
  56. Played in Battle of the Mega Men
  57. Played in CYOR Mafia - Adventures in SPACE!
  58. Spectator in Seinfeld, A Game About Nothing
  59. Moderator in Captain Planet and his Merry Crew of Planeteers
  60. Spectator in Worse Idea Mafia
  61. Spectator in CYOR Mafia - A Second Look
  62. Played in The Charlatans of Charlottesville
  63. Played in Everyone is a Dick Mafia!
  64. Played in Grandpa Mafia: A C9 About Friendship, Freedom and Grandpa
  65. Played in New York Subway, 10:50 A.M.
  66. Played in Diablo 3 Mafia!!
  67. Played in Secret Invasion!
  68. Played in Ultima: The Serpent Isle
  69. Played in Mad Men
  70. Played in Mod-Meta
  71. Played in Dota 2: The Deadliest Game
  72. Played in NYC '83, a CYOR
  73. Played in CYOR Mafia: Disney Cartoon Revolution (CYOR 3)
  74. Spectator in America's Got Talent!