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  1. Spectator in Kirby's Return to Werewolf! Game over, DREAMLAND PREVAILS
  2. Spectator in GAME OVER - Clue-Wolf: A Weremafia Game Inspired by the Board Game and Movie
  3. Spectator in Let's All Love Lain Mafia!
  4. Spectator in The Big Rivalry Game
  5. Spectator in Paranoia """Mafia""" Final Showdown.
  6. Spectator in Halloween Horror Marathon - TOWN VICTORY!
  7. Spectator in Pokemafia (open setup), Day 3 (voting deadline 2pm ET Nov 9)
  8. Spectator in Dishonored Wolf: The Seventh Morning
  9. Spectator in What The Thunder Said - Day 5 (Deadline Dec. 29, 5PM CST)
  10. Spectator in KILL SIX BILLION DEMONS : DAY 4- Ends 5PM PST FRI