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  1. TJ
  2. Tao

Currently Active Games:

Old Games:

  1. Played in Mass Effect: Citadel of Chaos
  2. Spectator in Chianti Vigilantes - A Game of Mafia
  3. Spectator in Cursus Honorum
  4. Moderator in Chaos in Concord
  5. Played in Back to the Beginning: A Game Of Mafia
  6. Played in Anarchy in Arezzo - A Game of Mafia
  7. Moderator in Tussle at Tammany Hall
  8. Played in Megaten Mafia
  9. Moderator in Shit Post Mafia III: The Return
  10. Spectator in Cheaters Mini Mafia!
  11. Spectator in Rules Mafia
  12. Played in A Eulogy in Euskara - A Game of Mafia
  13. Moderator in Beyond Good and Evil
  14. Played in La Calavera de Naffaroa - A Game of Mafia
  15. Moderator in Sabotage in Saqqara
  16. Spectator in The Brave Little Toaster
  17. Spectator in The Battle of Bonampak - A Game of Mafia
  18. Moderator in Warrior Kato Seeks Enlightenment
  19. Played in The Mafia Discussion Thread.
  20. Played in Alpha Centauri - Arrival of the Unity
  21. Moderator in Lost In The Mail
  22. Played in Vanguard on the Volga - A Game of Mafia
  23. Moderator in The Charlatans of Charlottesville
  24. Moderator in Subterfuge At Space Station 39
  25. Spectator in Toon Noir
  26. Played in A Vision in Wroclaw - A Game of Mafia
  27. Moderator in A Conspiracy in Constantinople
  28. Played in The Vision in Wroclaw - A Game of Mafia
  29. Played in Canadians 4: CYOC
  30. Moderator in Mafia: The Killers of Kush
  31. Played in Twitter
  32. Played in Wild West Mafia 2
  33. Moderator in Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
  34. Played in SA Mafia - Check the OP, Thread is up!
  35. Played in The Field