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  1. Slasher Dork
  2. mod retire bitcj
  3. that piece of shit birdstrije
  4. slashser hawke
  5. birb
  6. bird
  7. slasher hawke cause I have a cop result on him
  8. birdbutt
  9. slashy
  10. kashuno
  11. slasher dorke
  12. slosher howke
  13. Mystery Player
  14. mr humpalot
  15. opop
  16. scumashaska hawke
  17. bad forum name
  18. Shalashaka hawke
  20. slalashka hawke
  21. flerp

Currently Active Games:

Old Games:

  1. Moderator in Assault on Chapo Trap House
  2. Played in Final Fantasy 2 Mafia Role Madness!
  3. Played in Pokemonfia Gold and Silver: Gotta Hang 'Em All!
  4. Played in (AUSPOL & CO) - ~Animeshongemu~
  5. Played in Turboman's Turbo Mafia
  6. Played in The Last Bastion
  8. Played in Gashapon Mafia
  9. Spectator in Mega Man Mafia 2 (M32) - The Siege Of Chateau Light
  10. Played in Ronin
  11. Spectator in Final Fantasy 4 Mafia
  12. Played in Choose Your Own NES Cartridge
  13. Played in The Last Journey of the Mary Celeste
  14. Spectator in A peraMyst Prequel: Klendu
  15. Played in Final Fantasy Five Mafia: Fiesta Edition.
  16. Moderator in Intrigue In King Rathbens Court - A game of MAfia
  17. Spectator in Choose Your Own Genesis Cartridge
  18. Played in The Something Awful Forums > Discussion > Games > The Game Room
  19. Spectator in Death Note: You And I Will Be Parting Ways Soon
  20. Spectator in Mafia Gear Solid
  21. Played in Shine V: How The Southwest Was Won
  22. Spectator in Minifauxnen's Mafia
  23. Played in Shine V: The Texas State Guard
  24. Spectator in The World Ends With !
  25. Played in Winefia - A Chalice Full of Poison
  26. Played in Jimmydalad Mafia - This surely can't go wrong at all
  27. Played in It's possible that there are bastard roles in this mafia game
  28. Spectator in Shine VII: The Longest Day
  29. Played in The Election and the King - A Game of Mafia
  30. Played in National Council COVID-19 Boogaloo - Auspol Only
  31. Played in The Doom That Came To Auspol
  32. Spectator in Anidav mafia: temple of the hidden Anidavs
  33. Played in Myst
  34. Spectator in Sealab Mafia
  35. Played in The Horus Heresy
  36. Played in FOXNEWS MAFIA
  37. Played in Final Fantasy 9