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Currently Active Games:

Old Games:

  1. Played in Wine In Front of All V: (Almost) CYOR Edition.
  2. Spectator in Mass Effect: Citadel of Chaos
  3. Moderator in Achievement Unlocked! Mafia
  4. Played in Reservoir Dogs Mini-Mafia
  5. Played in Chianti Vigilantes - A Game of Mafia
  6. Played in Cursus Honorum
  7. Spectator in Ransacking People's Houses Mafia
  8. Played in Night at the Mystery Box Factory II: Battle of the RNG: TOM-MGotM!
  9. Played in Anarchy in Arezzo - A Game of Mafia
  10. Played in Firefly Mini-Mafia: An Interesting Day
  11. Played in Mineral Mini Mafia
  12. Played in Hell's Kitchen Mini Mafia
  13. Played in ~~**Super Action Mafia**~~ No pussies allowed
  14. Played in Human Body Mafia II - Vote One, Vote All
  15. Played in Rules Mafia
  16. Played in Good news, everyone! Futurama: Revenge of the Robot Mafia
  17. Spectator in Inception
  18. Played in A Eulogy in Euskara - A Game of Mafia
  19. Spectator in Everyone's A Dayvig Mini-Mafia
  20. Played in Magic the Gathering Mafia III - Rise of the Planeswalkers
  21. Played in A Gay Romp in Guernica - A Game of Mafia
  22. Played in Hello posters. I want to play a game.
  23. Played in The Gateless Gate
  24. Played in La Calavera de Naffaroa - A Game of Mafia
  25. Played in Postcount / Content Enabled Power Roles: THE GAME
  26. Played in Terrible Wizards Convention!
  27. Played in Murder on the Orient Express!
  28. Spectator in Hello Posters. Welcome back to the Game.
  29. Played in From Hell - Jack the Ripper and the Whitechapel Murders
  30. Played in What's in a Name?
  31. Played in Megaton Mafia
  32. Played in The Sims : Reticulating Scums
  33. Played in France 1958: La Vie en Rose
  34. Played in Archer: Mole Hunt
  35. Played in I AM SPARTACUS!
  36. Spectator in Subterfuge at Khimmer Pass
  37. Played in Dungeons and Dragons: Rogue Magician - An F11 Game
  38. Played in LoZ - Majora's Aftermath
  39. Played in The Battle of Bonampak - A Game of Mafia
  40. Played in Gamma World: Chaos in Nu Ork City
  41. Played in Game of Thrones - Winterfell
  42. Played in The Mafia Revolution
  43. Played in A Coup in Copan - A Game of Ball, er Mafia
  44. Played in Mafia: Big Bob's Android Anarchy
  45. Spectator in A Weasel in Yaroslavl - A Game of Mafia
  46. Played in Foundation
  47. Played in Wine In Front of All 2012-1
  48. Played in Mafia: Democracy, the Worst Form of Government