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  3. Idle Amalgm
  4. ghostly gangsta
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Currently Active Games:

  1. Alive in Interdimensional Ultimate Deathmatch CYOF Mafia

Old Games:

  1. Spectator in Golgatha, New Mexico
  2. Spectator in CYOR: The Grand Return
  3. Played in Bring your own Halloween Costume
  4. Played in Final Fantasy 9
  5. Played in Worm - Slaughterhouse 9 vs. Brockton Bay
  6. Played in Pinball Mafia 2
  7. Played in How The Scum Stole Xmas X
  8. Played in Sand Mafia
  9. Played in Cookfia 4: Flavor Pairings
  10. Played in Gundam Mafia Part I: Battle of Mare Smythii
  11. Played in Weekend at Bernie's Mafia