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  2. ClockworkGadget

Currently Active Games:

Old Games:

  1. Played in Mass Effect: Citadel of Chaos
  2. Moderator in Fall 1152 - Mouse Guard Mafia
  3. Played in Ransacking People's Houses Mafia
  4. Played in Pokemon: Mafia Version - Original 151 Mini-Mafia
  5. Played in Megaten Mafia
  6. Spectator in Firefly Mini-Mafia: An Interesting Day
  7. Played in Lok'tar Ogar! World of Warcraft: Horde Thread
  8. Spectator in Wine in Front of All: Looking Back to Move Forward (Mini Test Game)
  9. Played in Robot Mafia
  10. Moderator in Roanoke Mini-Mafia
  11. Spectator in Solium Infernum Mini-Mafia
  12. Played in France 1958: La Vie en Rose
  13. Spectator in Scott Pilgrim vs. The Mafia
  14. Played in I AM SPARTACUS!
  15. Played in Nethack
  16. Moderator in Friendship is Murder
  17. Played in Big Trouble in Little River!
  18. Played in Double-Post Mafia
  19. Played in Operation: Mafia Blood Purge 2000
  20. Played in Mountain Goats Mafia