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  2. Chic Tromboner
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Currently Active Games:

Old Games:

  1. Played in TheRam's Intuition Mafia!
  2. Played in Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Mafia
  3. Moderator in LoZ - Majora's Aftermath
  4. Played in Anime Club Mafia
  5. Played in The Battle of Bonampak - A Game of Mafia
  6. Played in Middle Management Mini-Mafia
  7. Moderator in Crawl: Corruption
  8. Played in Science Mafia
  9. Played in The Trees! Oh no not the trees! F11
  10. Played in Operation: Mafia Blood Purge 2000
  11. Moderator in Chuck vs. the Buy More Lockdown
  12. Played in Goodsmead: Believe in Cheeto
  13. Played in Mafia Macabre
  14. Played in Green Earth
  15. Played in In Medio Mari Et Viam
  16. Played in Tears In Rain
  17. Played in Game Of Thrones: A War Of Five Kings
  18. Played in The Summoning of Silesia - A Game of Mafia
  19. Moderator in Stuck on a Stupid Goddamn Bus
  20. Spectator in An insane homeless man is living in my mother's house
  21. Played in Battle of the Mega Men
  22. Played in Doctor Who II: The Last Time Lord
  23. Played in Diablo 3 Mafia!!
  24. Played in Braveheart Mafia
  25. Played in America's Got Talent!
  26. Played in [MAFEA} SBaHJ best mafia gam evar JOYN NOW!
  27. Spectator in Pulse
  28. Played in - LOST
  29. Played in Night of the Living Scum... a zombie-infested Mafia Game
  30. Played in War of the Gods CYOR
  31. Played in App Store CYOR
  32. Played in John Malkovich Mafia
  33. Moderator in The Stupid Bus is Late
  34. Played in Opotpourri: Infinite Crisis on Infinite Forums
  35. Played in Orbital Mafia: Where Time Becomes A Loop
  36. Played in You Make The Rules
  37. Played in Civilisation: Empires Divided
  38. Played in Omnis Divisa: France 42 BC
  39. Moderator in This Mafia Game Ends With You!
  40. Spectator in peta is a big smelly butt
  41. Spectator in The Werewolves of Half Moon's Hollow
  42. Played in NFL Mafia: Cursing At You Players Worse Than Marty Schottenheimer
  43. Played in Mafia Discussion Thread
  44. Played in Goonfest 2: Electric Guitar Boogaloo
  45. Played in Goodsmead: The Great War Signup Thread
  46. Played in The Battle for Goodsmead: Numbaz Gang
  47. Played in David Bowie Mafia
  48. Played in Hotel California `76
  49. Played in Cool Hang Out Mafia
  50. Played in 24/7 de_dust2 no AWPs 60 tick - CS:GO Mafia
  51. Played in The Bandits of Bishadh - A Game of Mafia
  52. Moderator in Shin Megami Tensei Mafia
  53. Spectator in The Elder Scrools V: Skyrim Mafia
  54. Played in Ladies & Djentlemen... This Time It's Periphery
  55. Played in SA Mafia - Check the OP, Thread is up!
  56. Played in The Field
  57. Spectator in Dragon Ball Z Kai
  58. Played in Krellfia!
  59. Played in Cookfia 2
  60. Played in Heroes of the Stormfia
  61. Played in Hip-Hopfia 1.5
  62. Played in SWOLFIA (Your thread title contains invalid characters. Go back and fix it)
  63. Played in Chrono Trigger/Cross Cyor
  64. Played in Conversion Mafia
  65. Played in My favorite cartoons through the ages.
  66. Played in Neighbor Mafia
  67. Played in Everyone Gets a Dayvig
  68. Played in Scooby Doo Mafia - The Haunted Hilltop Hotel
  69. Played in Everyone is a...
  70. Played in POPCON: Creative Writing Edition
  72. Moderator in Welcome to the Darkest Dungeon
  73. Played in Funfia 2 - Tragedy at the Macaroni Grill
  74. Played in Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup - CYOR
  75. Played in Gnomefia 2: The Gnomes Strike Back
  76. Played in The Conquest of Qal - The Praetorienne Guard
  77. Played in Exploring the Void
  78. Played in Goon Fights Rebirth - Canuckle Sandwiches all around.
  79. Played in Zoinks! Cartoon Pets Run Wild!
  80. Played in Final Fantasy 1 Role Madness
  81. Played in Super Smash Soldiers SIGNUP!
  82. Played in Super Smash Soldiers: RED THREAD
  83. Played in Diplomacy or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the S Order
  84. Played in The Swan Song of Dr. Selene Pereau - A Game of Mafia
  85. Played in Gashapon Mafia
  86. Spectator in A Bad Case of Baroquen Heart - A Game of Mafia
  87. Played in Millennials are Killing Mafia
  88. Played in Get a New Avatar Mafia
  89. Played in Pretty, pretty, pretty good Mafia
  90. Moderator in The World Ends With !
  91. Spectator in Fate/stay Night Mafia
  92. Played in Super Kawaii Slice of Life Anime Mafia!
  93. Played in Doki Doki Mafia Club
  94. Moderator in Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup - Thrills, Spills, Kills
  95. Played in Diplomacy: Don't Look Back
  96. Played in Self-Indulgent Mafia
  97. Played in Campfire Mafia
  98. Spectator in The Theater
  99. Played in Wealth of Empires Mafia
  100. Played in Riven: The Sequel to Myst
  101. Played in peraMyst III: Everdunes
  102. Spectator in The Night Witches
  103. Played in Ron And Hermione Do Some Murders
  104. Played in Final Fantasy 9
  105. Played in Cookfia 6: Spice Blends