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Old Games:

  1. Played in In re Lacenda - A Game of Mafia
  2. Played in Final Fantasy 1 Role Madness
  3. Played in Super Smash Soldiers SIGNUP!
  4. Played in Parks and Rek'd
  5. Played in Super Smash Soldiers: RED THREAD
  6. Played in An Insulting Inquiry - A Game of Mafia
  7. Played in THE AMERICANS
  8. Played in Vigilante 8
  9. Played in The Nuns of Nolaisko - A Game of Mafia
  10. Played in A Man's League - a got some chores tonight joint
  11. Played in chill mafia, just pretty chill you know, just chillin like some sort of vil
  12. Played in Shine III: Spirits of New Orleans
  13. Played in Boring Mafia
  14. Played in Pandora Event
  15. Spectator in The Swan Song of Dr. Selene Pereau - A Game of Mafia
  16. Played in Shine V: The Texas State Guard
  17. Played in The World Ends With !
  18. Played in Super Kawaii Slice of Life Anime Mafia!
  19. Played in Westworld
  20. Played in School Adventure Anime Mafia
  21. Played in Doki Doki Mafia Club
  22. Played in The Grieving of Gaqqu - A Game of Mafia
  23. Played in Dragonball Z Mafia 2 - Androids Edition
  24. Played in MYST Mafia
  25. Played in Terror Aboard the USRSS Pequod
  26. Played in Opus Falconis - A Game of Mafia
  27. Played in The Murder of St. Leroux - A Game of Mafia
  28. Played in Bif is a Lurker Mafia
  29. Spectator in Heat
  30. Played in Goons and Dicks - A Game of Mafia
  31. Played in Town of Salem 2 - A Ranked Revenge!
  32. Played in Winefia - A Chalice Full of Poison
  33. Played in Pokemon Mafia - Gotta lynch them all!
  34. Played in Buffy Mafia
  35. Played in Mega Man X Mafia - A Role Madness Game!
  36. Spectator in Conflict in Amaranth - A Game of Mafia
  37. Played in Pokemon Mafia 2 - Electric Type Boogaloo
  38. Played in West Hutchinson #2 - Prosecution in Plains City - A Game of Mafia
  39. Played in The Election and the King - A Game of Mafia
  40. Spectator in Shine V: How The Southwest Was Won