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  1. bad logic is terrible dumb
  2. purple praying mantis
  3. tobbs gnawned
  4. extend deadline
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  6. garlic bones
  7. Tobbs
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  1. Played in Presidential Election 2016: MAKE MAFIA GREAT AGAIN
  2. Played in Drawrof Mafia
  3. Played in You Must be New Here
  4. Played in Molyneuxland - a journey
  5. Played in A Disney wedding, mafia styles.
  6. Played in Ferngully!
  7. Played in Shine II: The Chicago Outfit
  8. Played in Third-Party Apocalypse
  9. Played in No Holds Barred (No Standard Rules Mafia)
  10. Played in Boring Corey Chronicles: The Final Battle
  11. Played in The League III
  12. Played in SLASHER
  13. Played in the crowd sourced mafia game
  14. Played in Back to Basics
  15. Played in The Nuns of Nolaisko - A Game of Mafia
  16. Played in A Man's League - a got some chores tonight joint
  17. Played in Clean Poison Mushroom's Room!
  18. Played in Shine III: Spirits of New Orleans
  19. Played in chill mafia, just pretty chill you know, just chillin like some sort of vil
  20. Played in Checkmate! Board Game Mafia!
  21. Played in NES Accessory Mafia
  22. Played in Final Fantasy 2 Mafia Role Madness!
  23. Moderator in Tobbs' Role Madness -=Mafia=-
  24. Played in Mr. Robot Mafia
  25. Played in Pokemonfia Gold and Silver: Gotta Hang 'Em All!
  26. Moderator in Bloodbath Mafia
  27. Played in The Cradle of Corruption - A Game of Kingmaker
  28. Moderator in High School Mafia -=Role Madness=-
  29. Played in A Very Mafia Christmas
  30. Played in Boring Mafia
  31. Moderator in Mafiart
  32. Played in The Swan Song of Dr. Selene Pereau - A Game of Mafia
  33. Moderator in Demon Summoner -=Mafia=-
  34. Played in Dumb Scum
  35. Played in Final Fantasy 3
  36. Played in Katamari Mafia
  37. Played in The Paupers of Podlima - A Game of Mafia
  38. Played in The Avantian Courier - A Game of Mafia
  39. Played in The Last Bastion
  40. Played in Final Fantasy 4 Mafia
  41. Played in Gashapon Mafia
  42. Played in Bullet Hell, a game of Mafia
  43. Played in A Gateway to Greed - A Game of Mafia
  44. Played in Palette cleanser
  45. Played in Icebound: A Nailbiter Game
  46. Played in The Aquiline Conspiracy - A Game of Mafia
  47. Played in Intrigue in King Rathben's Court - A Game of Mafia
  48. Played in Witches of Lychford - A Game of Mafia
  49. Played in Many Night Ultimate Mafia V2.0
  50. Played in Final Fantasy 6 mafia
  51. Played in The Room
  52. Played in Death Note: You And I Will Be Parting Ways Soon
  53. Played in Contact in Cudlaty
  54. Played in Shine V: How The Southwest Was Won
  55. Played in Shine V: The Division del Norte
  56. Spectator in Shine V: The Texas State Guard
  57. Played in The World Ends With !
  58. Played in Fate/stay Night Mafia
  59. Played in Final Fantasy 7
  60. Played in Super Kawaii Slice of Life Anime Mafia!
  61. Played in Wandering Samurai
  62. Played in Westworld
  63. Played in A Council of Wizards
  64. Played in Doki Doki Mafia Club
  65. Played in Dragonball Z Mafia 2 - Androids Edition
  66. Spectator in MYST Mafia
  67. Played in Magical Girl Mafia - Again!
  68. Played in Inuyasha Mafia: Battle for Olympus
  69. Played in Final Fantasy Mafia
  70. Played in pera No Mafia
  71. Played in House Party Mafia - Party Like There's No Tomorrow!
  72. Played in All Cops Are Bad
  73. Played in Pera No Mafia: Once More, With Feeling
  74. Played in El Dorado 4 - The Ancient Secret
  75. Played in Self-Indulgent Mafia
  76. Spectator in Mega Man X2 Mafia - A medium-sized Plurality Game!
  77. Played in Contagion Mafia
  78. Played in peraMyst III: Everdunes
  79. Played in Riven: The Sequel to Myst
  80. Played in Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines
  81. Played in Play and Listen CYOR 2
  82. Played in Isekai Mafia
  83. Played in Pelicana Drama - A Game of Mafia
  84. Played in Welcome to the Sunset Canyon HOA!
  85. Played in The Outfit 2: Grip of Vice
  86. Played in Phasmomafia and the Horribly Haunted Farmhouse
  87. Played in Meaningful Song Mafia
  88. Played in Rimworld Mafia
  89. Played in Cookfia 6: Spice Blends
  90. Played in Death Coast
  91. Played in Mystery Village Mafia
  92. Played in NFTfia
  93. Played in Gnosia 2
  94. Played in Greek Mythology Mini Mafia
  95. Played in Untitled Goose Mafia
  96. Spectator in Pathogen 3: Viral Vengeance
  97. Played in This Game Has a Hypercharger
  98. Spectator in Jealous Husband Returns In Form Of Parrot: Meta Meta Mafia