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  1. Wisteria Stoutfish

Currently Active Games:

Old Games:

  1. Played in Dishonored Wolf: The Seventh Morning
  2. Played in Digimon Mafia Day 4. No Frontier Reference.
  3. Spectator in The World of Junji Ito - EVIL VICTORY
  4. Spectator in What The Thunder Said - SCUM WIN
  5. Spectator in KILL SIX BILLION DEMONS : DAY 4- Ends 5PM PST FRI
  6. Played in Cabin in the Werewoods: Happy Frog Ending!
  7. Spectator in Mafia
  8. Played in Darkest Dungeon Mafia - The End: Afflicted (Evil) win!
  9. Spectator in KITTIES!!! - Good Kitties Win!!!
  10. Spectator in Disco Elysium The Final Cut Mafia. Two skills for you! Day 3 spins.
  11. Played in Kirby Copy Brawl Mafia- D4, deadline 2pmET, 04/04
  12. Spectator in Neil Cicierega Presents Mouth - DAY 3- TOWN VICTORY
  13. Spectator in Imperfect Ascension - EVIL PARITY WIN
  14. Played in Watcher in the Rye: Bread Mafia SPECTATOR THREAD
  15. Played in The 100: Season One - GAME CONCLUDED
  16. Played in Tropical Deforestation Quest! - GAME CONCLUDED. EVIL CORPORATION VICTORY!
  17. Spectator in No Artificial Flavors or Colors
  18. Played in Tonight, on a Very Special Clone High... (VILLAIN VICTORY!)
  19. Played in Fire Emblem Mystery of the Mafia Game (Secret GM messed up Friendship Ending + Jester Win)
  20. Spectator in There are werewolves here, TOO! - Team Good Wins! Hunter Victory!
  21. Played in Mafia Mafia - Active players IGNORE