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  1. TT
  2. tom
  3. Tucker; ##doublevote Tucker
  4. Tom; ##vote Tom
  5. Thomas Tucker, Esquire

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Old Games:

  1. Played in Inception
  2. Played in Voodoofly is Getting Married (Mini-mafia, a game of mafia)!!!
  3. Played in Lost II
  4. Played in Mad Science
  5. Played in Consequences Mafia
  6. Played in Star Trek: TNG Romulan Invasion!
  7. Spectator in France 1958: La Vie en Rose
  8. Played in Settlers of Yucatan - A Game of Mafia
  9. Played in The Town of Flat Hill
  10. Played in The Mafia Discussion Thread.
  11. Played in Community Mafia: Introduction to Groupthink
  12. Played in Dungeons of Dredmor
  13. Played in Omnis Divisa: France 42 BC
  14. Played in This Mafia Game Ends With You!
  15. Moderator in Wild West Mafia 2
  16. Played in Flavorless
  17. Played in Neanderthals on Trial
  18. Played in Everybody Loves Mafia!
  19. Played in NFL Mafia: Cursing At You Players Worse Than Marty Schottenheimer
  20. Played in Horror in the Hebrides - A Game of Mafia
  21. Spectator in Mafia Discussion Thread
  22. Played in The Secret Earthlings!! - A Game of Mafia
  23. Played in Invasion from Beyond the Stars!!! - A Game of Mafia
  24. Played in Civilisation 2: The Great Divide
  25. Played in SA
  26. Played in The Field
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