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  1. TT
  2. tom
  3. Tucker; ##doublevote Tucker
  4. Tom; ##vote Tom
  5. Thomas Tucker, Esquire
  6. Tommy t

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  1. Played in Inception
  2. Played in Voodoofly is Getting Married (Mini-mafia, a game of mafia)!!!
  3. Played in Lost II
  4. Played in Mad Science
  5. Played in Consequences Mafia
  6. Played in Star Trek: TNG Romulan Invasion!
  7. Spectator in France 1958: La Vie en Rose
  8. Played in Settlers of Yucatan - A Game of Mafia
  9. Played in The Town of Flat Hill
  10. Played in The Mafia Discussion Thread.
  11. Played in Community Mafia: Introduction to Groupthink
  12. Played in Dungeons of Dredmor
  13. Played in Omnis Divisa: France 42 BC
  14. Played in This Mafia Game Ends With You!
  15. Moderator in Wild West Mafia 2
  16. Played in Flavorless
  17. Played in Neanderthals on Trial
  18. Played in Everybody Loves Mafia!
  19. Played in NFL Mafia: Cursing At You Players Worse Than Marty Schottenheimer
  20. Played in Horror in the Hebrides - A Game of Mafia
  21. Spectator in Mafia Discussion Thread
  22. Played in The Secret Earthlings!! - A Game of Mafia
  23. Played in Invasion from Beyond the Stars!!! - A Game of Mafia
  24. Played in Civilisation 2: The Great Divide
  25. Played in SA Mafia - Check the OP, Thread is up!
  26. Played in The Field
  27. Played in Harry Potter and the Dementor Invasion
  28. Played in The Good Place Mafia
  29. Played in When Mods Collide
  30. Played in The Colossus and the Collective
  31. Played in Squid Game
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