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  1. swat
  2. SWATmaster
  3. SwatJESTER
  4. Diplomatis
  5. diplo
  6. lief
  7. leif

Currently Active Games:

Old Games:

  1. Played in HOLD IT! Phoenix Wright: Justice For All Mafia
  2. Spectator in Ransacking People's Houses Mafia
  3. Played in Back to the Beginning: A Game Of Mafia
  4. Played in Megaten Mafia
  5. Spectator in Firefly Mini-Mafia: An Interesting Day
  6. Played in Captain Blood
  7. Played in Lost II
  8. Played in Mafia Gear Solid: Showdown at Shadow Moses
  9. Played in Lok'tar Ogar! World of Warcraft: Horde Thread
  10. Played in Final Fantasy II
  11. Played in Murder on the Orient Express!
  12. Played in Terror on Tarantulus IV
  13. Spectator in Solium Infernum Mini-Mafia
  14. Played in Friendship is Murder
  15. Played in Assassin's Creed: Welcome to the Animus
  16. Played in The Battle of Bonampak - A Game of Mafia
  17. Played in Crawl: Corruption
  18. Played in Able Archer
  19. Played in Community Mafia: Introduction to Groupthink
  20. Played in Lost In The Mail
  21. Played in Goodsmead: Believe in Cheeto
  22. Played in Game Of Thrones: A War Of Five Kings
  23. Spectator in Monument Valley
  24. Played in Everyone is Dick: A Game of Mafia
  25. Played in Wine In Front of All 2012-1
  26. Played in Diablo 3 Mafia!!
  27. Spectator in X-Com: Enemy Unknown
  28. Played in CAD Mafia B^U
  29. Played in Super Fun Cop Time
  30. Spectator in Play & Listen CYOR
  31. Played in Battle Royale
  32. Played in Dungeons and Dragons Mafia!