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  1. Played in Gnosia
  2. Spectator in Wine in Front of All: 2021 Mafia All Stars
  3. Played in Gnosia 2
  4. Moderator in Untitled Goose Mafia
  5. Played in Gnosia 3 - One More Loop!
  6. Moderator in Murder in the Magician's Manor
  7. Spectator in The 26th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
  8. Played in Umineko Mafia: Without Love it cannot be
  9. Moderator in Danganronpa
  10. Spectator in In Want of a WIFOA - A Ridiculously Overcomplicated Jane Austen Mafia Game
  11. Moderator in Quantumafia
  12. Played in Umineko Mafia 2 - Battle of Mystery and Magic