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Currently Active Games:

Old Games:

  1. Played in Games Mafia - A forums Mafia experience!
  2. Played in Project B-157DQ (Humanoid Robots)
  3. Played in Some Strange Characters in: Multiverse of Mafness (CYOR)
  4. Played in Stellaris 2
  5. Spectator in Love, Masons, and Mafia
  6. Spectator in Murder in the Magician's Manor
  7. Played in Now That's What I Call Mafia!
  8. Spectator in Cookfia 7: You'll Roux the Day
  9. Moderator in The Linnaeus Incident
  10. Spectator in Murder at Outpost 4-27a
  11. Played in How the Scum S12ole Xmas
  12. Spectator in Office Space
  13. Played in The Marriage of Robert Prae to Hippolyta Junia - A Game of Mafia
  14. Played in Star Fluxx Mafia - A killing card game for 11 players!
  15. Played in Rimworld 2
  16. Spectator in Kurukshetra Hovarabord Showdown
  17. Spectator in The 26th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
  18. Spectator in Touhou Jinrou ~ Erratic Alibi in Paradise
  19. Played in Hunters in the Garden
  20. Played in The Blind Assassin, a very simple game
  21. Played in WizCon - Exquisite Wizards Convention
  22. Spectator in Umineko Mafia: Without Love it cannot be
  23. Spectator in The Stalker's Curse
  24. Played in Hydra Dungeon
  25. Played in How the Scum Stole X13mas
  26. Played in Time to Get Vig
  27. Played in Song Mafia 3 - All Covers Edition!
  28. Played in In Medias Res or: Everybody Hates D1 - A CubicalSucrose Concoction
  29. Spectator in Sawfia
  30. Played in City of Chaos
  31. Played in Periodic Table Mafia
  32. Played in You see an Interactive Fiction Mafia. Command?