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  1. Played in Browser Mafia: Game or psychological experiment? You Decide!
  2. Played in John Malkovich Mafia
  3. Played in The Big City
  4. Played in The Amazing Race
  5. Played in Wheel of Time
  6. Played in El Dorado, Battle in The Desert
  7. Played in The Sopranos vs Rugrats
  8. Spectator in Opotpourri: Infinite Crisis on Infinite Forums
  9. Played in Dark Souls: Prepare to Die
  10. Played in Red Dwarf
  11. Played in Worst Idea Mafia
  12. Played in Pointless Complicated RPG
  13. Played in Canadians 4: CYOC
  14. Played in a very mafia memorial day
  15. Spectator in You Make The Rules
  16. Played in Viet Nam Mafia
  17. Played in Back to the Future
  18. Played in Famous People and Regular People Mafia
  19. Played in Civilisation: Empires Divided
  20. Played in Mother 3 Mostly Mafia
  21. Played in Gumball Machine
  22. Played in Dogs!
  23. Moderator in Habeas Corpses - Courtroom Drama Mafia
  24. Spectator in KERRANGG! It's Mafia Metal Mayhem!
  25. Played in The Walking Dead
  26. Played in Bare Bones Mini-Mafia
  27. Moderator in Battle Royale
  28. Played in The Depths of Madness
  29. Played in Indiana Jones
  30. Spectator in The Werewolves of Half Moon's Hollow
  31. Played in A Dreadful Situation at Highcliff Manor
  32. Spectator in Mafia Discussion Thread
  33. Played in Renter's Mafia
  34. Played in With Great Powers CYOR
  35. Moderator in The Hunger Games
  36. Played in Mrs. Frizzle's Wild Ride
  37. Played in This Mafia tastes terrible.
  38. Moderator in Habeas Corpses II - Objection Overruled
  39. Played in Welcome to Grade School
  40. Played in Something Wrong in Sleepyville C9!
  41. Played in Strife in Eisenstadt
  42. Played in April Fools Mafia!
  43. Played in Invasion from Beyond the Stars!!! - A Game of Mafia
  44. Moderator in The League
  45. Played in The Wire : Fronz Comin'
  46. Played in Ghost Trick
  47. Played in happening
  48. Played in An Adventure in Arrentia - A Game of Mafia
  49. Played in Soldiers of Dune - House Atreides
  50. Played in Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
  51. Moderator in A Holiday in Carrot Cake Village
  52. Played in Fan-Fiction : Voldemort Gave Me a Gun.
  53. Played in
  54. Played in How the Scum S4ole Christmas
  55. Played in Draw3a: I Didn't Realize He Was Copclaiming!!!
  56. Played in 24/7 de_dust2 no AWPs 60 tick - CS:GO Mafia
  57. Played in Fantastic Four: The World's Greatest Mafia Game
  58. Played in Shin Megami Tensei Mafia
  59. Moderator in Secret Invasion
  60. Played in The Kill
  61. Played in SA Mafia - Check the OP, Thread is up!
  62. Played in Ballot Box Mafia
  63. Played in The Field
  64. Played in CYOR: The Grand Return
  65. Played in The Misery of Madriu - A Game of Mafia
  66. Played in CYOS: The Swan Songs
  67. Played in El Dorado 2: Mayhem in the Dunes
  68. Spectator in Big Game Queue
  69. Moderator in The League II
  70. Played in Earthbound-fia: After the Credits
  71. Played in WIFOA: A Political Mess
  72. Played in Funfia -A fun game of mafia
  73. Spectator in Christmas in July
  74. Spectator in Conversion Mafia
  75. Played in My favorite cartoons through the ages.
  76. Played in Watchmen Temple Mafia
  77. Moderator in The Triple Temple - CYOAlignment Mafia
  78. Played in The Vengeful Achaen Thread - Trojan War
  79. Spectator in The Steadfast Trojan Thread - Trojan War
  80. Played in POPCON: Creative Writing Edition
  82. Spectator in The Theater
  83. Played in How the Scum Stole Christmas 5
  84. Played in The beast on the train to mars
  85. Moderator in Sentinels of the Multiverse
  86. Played in Exploring the Void
  87. Spectator in Goon Fights Rebirth - Canuckle Sandwiches all around.
  88. Played in You Must be New Here
  89. Played in Molyneuxland - a journey
  90. Moderator in The League III
  91. Spectator in the crowd sourced mafia game
  92. Played in Final Fantasy 1 Role Madness
  93. Played in Super Smash Soldiers SIGNUP!
  94. Played in Super Smash Soldiers: BLUE THREAD
  95. Played in Dead Celebrities 2016
  96. Spectator in The Paupers of Podlima - A Game of Mafia
  97. Played in The Last Bastion
  98. Played in Final Fantasy 4 Mafia
  99. Played in Mega Man Mafia 2 (M32) - The Siege Of Chateau Light
  100. Played in Final Fantasy Five Mafia: Fiesta Edition.
  101. Played in Shine IV: Murder on the Sunset Limited
  102. Played in Choose Your Own Genesis Cartridge
  103. Played in Final Fantasy 6 mafia
  104. Moderator in Habeas Corpses III - Justice For All
  105. Spectator in Post Restriction Mafia
  106. Moderator in Dragonball Z Mafia
  107. Played in Shine V: How The Southwest Was Won
  108. Played in Shine V: The Texas State Guard
  109. Played in Final Fantasy 7
  110. Played in Dragonball Z Mafia 2 - Androids Edition
  111. Played in Suffusion
  112. Played in Mega Man Mafia 3 (M33) - The Fall Of The House Of Wily
  113. Played in Awful Big Brother: What to Expect when you're Expecting the Unexpected
  114. Played in Awful Genius Game: Extreme Ways Appreciation Thread