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  1. $8
  2. Eightbux
  3. eightdollars
  4. 8$
  5. eight bux
  6. 8 dollars
  7. 8 bux
  8. 8bucks
  9. 8bux
  10. eight brollars
  11. 8yen
  12. 5% sales tax
  13. 8dollars
  14. Missouri aka eight dollars
  15. many money
  16. weight but

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Old Games:

  1. Played in Battle Royale
  2. Played in Iron Man: Armor Wars Mk1
  3. Played in Lizards
  4. Played in Dungeons and Dragons Mafia!
  5. Moderator in Garfield
  6. Played in Random Gimmick
  7. Played in This Mod is a Liar.
  8. Played in The Final Frontier
  9. Moderator in An Unfortunate Incident at Golden Ray Studios
  10. Played in Paranoia
  11. Played in Indiana Jones
  12. Spectator in The Werewolves of Half Moon's Hollow
  13. Played in Nine-Man Nonsense #1: For Those About To Rock
  14. Spectator in Cookfia
  15. Played in Pokemonfia: Gotta Lynch 'Em All!
  16. Played in Zodiac Mafia
  17. Played in Return to Drawfia
  18. Moderator in A Dreadful Situation at Highcliff Manor
  19. Played in
  20. Played in The Hunger Games
  21. Played in Mod Meta Mafia
  22. Spectator in Mrs. Frizzle's Wild Ride
  23. Moderator in A Terrible Disaster at the Dalton-Tate Wedding
  24. Spectator in Welcome to Grade School
  25. Moderator in April Fools Mafia!
  26. Played in Comedy Bang! Bang!
  27. Played in Brofia: Sigma Alpha House
  28. Moderator in RuPaul's Drag Mafia
  29. Spectator in Cats!
  30. Played in Murder At The Psychics Ball: Who Will Have Done It?
  31. Moderator in A Bunch of Nunsense with the Sisters of Saint Brigid
  32. Played in Civilisation 2: The Great Divide
  33. Spectator in The League
  34. Played in Calvinball Mafia
  35. Moderator in Mean Girls
  36. Spectator in Turbo Mafia
  37. Moderator in X-Men: The Strangest Super-Heroes Of All!
  38. Spectator in Fan-Fiction : Voldemort Gave Me a Gun.
  39. Played in Twin Peaks Morfia
  40. Moderator in Clash on Monster Island
  41. Spectator in A Super Special Whaling Voyage
  42. Played in SA Mafia - Check the OP, Thread is up!
  43. Played in The Field
  44. Played in Star Trek: The Next Generation
  45. Moderator in Panic at the Miss Pecan Pie Pageant
  46. Played in SWOLFIA (Your thread title contains invalid characters. Go back and fix it)
  47. Spectator in The Theater
  48. Played in Everyone Gets a Dayvig
  49. Played in Bloodbath Mafia
  50. Spectator in Demon Summoner -=Mafia=-
  51. Spectator in Mafia Discussion Thread
  52. Played in Shine IV: Murder on the Sunset Limited
  53. Played in Awful Genius Game: Extreme Ways Appreciation Thread