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Old Games:

  1. Played in Detective Mafia!
  2. Played in Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Mafia
  3. Played in A Game of Chess Mafia Mini
  4. Played in Seal Team Six - An F11 Game
  5. Played in Y: The Last Man
  6. Played in Civilisation 1
  7. Played in Plainsville Mafia 2
  8. Played in Double-Post Mafia
  9. Played in The Final Train Ride of Lord Folkstaff
  10. Played in League of Legends - The Demacian War Camp
  11. Played in Crawl: Corruption
  12. Played in High Noon
  13. Played in Captain Redbeard's Lost Treasure
  14. Played in Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth
  15. Played in Magnus Gallant's Birthday Bash Mafia
  16. Spectator in Harrison Ford In: Mafia
  17. Played in Street Fighter III: Third Strike
  18. Played in Game Of Thrones: A War Of Five Kings
  19. Played in The Summoning of Silesia - A Game of Mafia
  20. Played in Fruits & Vegetables
  21. Played in An insane homeless man is living in my mother's house
  22. Played in Doctor Who II: The Last Time Lord
  23. Played in Grandpa Mafia: A C9 About Friendship, Freedom and Grandpa
  24. Spectator in Final Fantasy 2 (US) Mafia
  25. Played in New York Subway, 10:50 A.M.
  26. Played in Diablo 3 Mafia!!
  27. Played in Mad Men
  28. Played in Dota 2: The Deadliest Game
  29. Spectator in Gravity Falls Mafia
  30. Played in The Amazing Race
  31. Played in Civilisation: Empires Divided
  32. Played in The Wind in the Willows Mafia game
  33. Played in Blank Slate Mafia
  34. Moderator in Duck Hunt
  35. Played in Iron Man: Armor Wars Mk1
  36. Played in The Impossible Tour
  37. Spectator in Game Show Mafia
  38. Played in This Mafia Game Ends With You!
  39. Played in Random Gimmick
  40. Spectator in True Mafia
  41. Played in Iron Man: Armor Wars Mk2
  42. Moderator in The Nine
  43. Played in Wild West Mafia 2
  44. Moderator in Nintendo Entertainment System
  45. Played in The Deluge - A Game of Mafia
  46. Played in The Werewolves of Half Moon's Hollow
  47. Played in Generic Fantasy Forest Mafia
  48. Played in How The Scum Stole Christmas 3
  49. Played in NFL Mafia: Cursing At You Players Worse Than Marty Schottenheimer
  50. Played in Dangerous Ground
  51. Played in A Dreadful Situation at Highcliff Manor
  52. Spectator in Mafia Discussion Thread
  53. Played in A Confederacy of Dunces
  54. Played in Goodsmead: The Great War Signup Thread
  55. Played in The Battle for Goodsmead: Cheeto
  56. Moderator in Civilisation 2: The Great Divide
  57. Played in The Wire : Fronz Comin'
  58. Played in Ghost Trick
  59. Spectator in The Grand Budapest Hotel
  60. Played in Fan-Fiction : Voldemort Gave Me a Gun.
  61. Played in
  62. Played in Australia Day
  63. Played in A Super Special Whaling Voyage
  64. Spectator in SA Mafia - Check the OP, Thread is up!
  65. Played in The Field
  66. Played in Last Will & Testament (of Jackie Onassis and friends)
  67. Played in Earthbound-fia: After the Credits
  68. Played in Super Ultra Mega CYOR
  69. Played in CYOR Adorable Baby Animal Mafia
  70. Played in Legend of the Hidden Belt
  71. Spectator in The Theater
  72. Played in Binding of Isaac
  73. Spectator in Goon Fights Rebirth - Canuckle Sandwiches all around.
  74. Played in Palette cleanser