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Currently Active Games:

Old Games:

  1. Played in Captain Blood
  2. Played in Experiment C9-X: A Game Of Mafia
  3. Played in Lost II
  4. Spectator in The Siege of Stanchion Point - A Starcraft Mafia Game
  5. Played in Summer Knight - A Case in the Dresden Files
  6. Played in Spooky Shit Mini Mafia-Halloween Themed
  7. Spectator in Mafia-I don't carry around money in my wallet because beggars intimidate me
  8. Played in Help Me Make Friends
  9. Played in Experiment C9-1: A Game Of Mafia
  10. Spectator in Journey to the West
  11. Spectator in Clown College
  12. Spectator in Magic the Gathering Mafia III - Rise of the Planeswalkers
  13. Played in Tears In Rain