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  1. Played in SWOLFIA (Your thread title contains invalid characters. Go back and fix it)
  2. Played in The Cult in Pinetop, a game of Mafia
  3. Played in Restrictive Diet Mafia: I have no stomach and I must eat.
  4. Played in The Tournament of Heroes
  5. Played in This is Complete Bullshit
  6. Played in XCOM: Enemy Within
  7. Played in The Pearl of Port Lourde - A Game of Mafia
  8. Played in Bag-Throwing Simulator 2015: Payday 2 Mafia
  9. Played in XCOM: Enemy Within II - Base Defense
  10. Played in A Charnel in Charnaz - A Game of Mafia
  11. Played in Mad Max: Fury Road
  12. Played in Planescape Mafia
  13. Played in My favorite cartoons through the ages.
  14. Spectator in Emoji Mafia
  15. Played in Wizards Mafia II: Return to the Ivory Tower
  16. Played in World of Warcraft
  17. Moderator in Scooby Doo Mafia - The Haunted Hilltop Hotel
  18. Played in The Vengeful Achaen Thread - Trojan War
  19. Played in Everyone is a...
  20. Played in Call Kenny Loggins cause you're in the DANGER ZONE
  21. Played in Welcome to the Darkest Dungeon
  22. Played in College: Only 85 More Years Until My Loans Are Paid Off!
  23. Played in Sedatefia the Mafia care home, where shit posters go to die
  24. Played in Drugs Mafia
  25. Played in How the scum saved Christmas C9
  26. Played in Binding of Isaac
  27. Played in The Conquest of Qal - The Praetorienne Guard
  28. Played in Awards Show Mafia
  29. Played in Splatoonfia
  30. Played in Generic Mafia
  31. Played in Sentinels of the Multiverse
  32. Played in CYOS: Revenge of the Synth (The 80s)
  33. Played in The Ravenwood Murders - A Game of Mafia
  34. Played in Exploring the Void
  35. Played in Archer: Vice: Return to the Danger Zone
  36. Played in El Dorado 3 - Destruction in the Wastes
  37. Played in Dungeons & Dragons: War in the Underdark, a game of Mafia
  38. Played in The Canadians! Pt. 6: Alpha Flight
  39. Played in Goon Fights Rebirth - Canuckle Sandwiches all around.
  40. Played in Shine
  41. Played in Please play this mafia game. There will be no serial killers.
  42. Played in Misfire Mafia
  43. Played in Ham Mill: 10
  44. Played in Drawrof Mafia
  45. Played in Shine II: The Chicago Outfit
  46. Played in The League III
  47. Played in SLASHER
  48. Played in In re Lacenda - A Game of Mafia
  49. Played in The Destrian Heist, A Sci-Fi Game of Mafia
  50. Played in Final Fantasy 1 Role Madness
  51. Played in Super Smash Soldiers SIGNUP!
  52. Played in Super Smash Soldiers: RED THREAD
  53. Played in Windowless
  54. Spectator in An Insulting Inquiry - A Game of Mafia
  55. Played in The Nuns of Nolaisko - A Game of Mafia
  56. Played in Cloaks
  57. Played in Shine III: Spirits of New Orleans
  58. Played in The Harvest Festival of Hnetva - A Game of Mafia
  59. Played in Final Fantasy 2 Mafia Role Madness!
  60. Spectator in f u mafia
  61. Played in The Swan Song of Dr. Selene Pereau - A Game of Mafia
  62. Played in Katamari Mafia
  63. Played in Final Fantasy 4 Mafia
  64. Played in The Aquiline Conspiracy - A Game of Mafia
  65. Played in Intrigue in King Rathben's Court - A Game of Mafia
  66. Played in USMNT
  67. Spectator in Goonfights 3: Apocalypse.
  68. Played in Shine IV: Murder on the Sunset Limited
  69. Spectator in Death of the Author
  70. Played in Contact in Cudlaty
  71. Played in Shine V: How The Southwest Was Won
  72. Played in Shine V: The Division del Norte
  73. Played in Wandering Samurai
  74. Played in The Grieving of Gaqqu - A Game of Mafia
  75. Spectator in Goons and Dicks - A Game of Mafia
  76. Played in Winefia - A Chalice Full of Poison
  77. Spectator in The Fifth Element
  78. Moderator in Scooby Doo 2 Mafia - The Legendary Unusual Carnival
  79. Played in Shine VI: Fool's Gold