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  1. Played in The Siege of Stanchion Point - A Starcraft Mafia Game
  2. Played in Bloodshed in Bolzano Mafia
  3. Played in Green Earth
  4. Played in Fallout: New Vegas
  5. Played in Captain Redbeard's Lost Treasure
  6. Played in Borderlands Mafia
  7. Played in Warhammer 40K!
  8. Played in Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth
  9. Spectator in Seinfeld, A Game About Nothing
  10. Played in Reign of the Supermen
  11. Played in The Crisis of Calakmul - A Game of Mafia
  12. Played in Dota 2: The Deadliest Game
  13. Played in A Conspiracy in Constantinople
  14. Played in Dungeons of Dredmor
  15. Played in Exodus
  16. Spectator in Worst Idea Mafia
  17. Played in Wild West Mafia 2