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  1. Pshychedelic
  2. Psychadelic

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Old Games:

  1. Played in Mad Science Mafia. The only thing worse than science is Mad Science.
  2. Played in Blues Brothers Mafia
  3. Played in Dhaesd & Confused 2: Big Game
  4. Played in Mad Science
  5. Spectator in Lok'tar Ogar! World of Warcraft: Horde Thread
  6. Spectator in Terrible Wizards Convention!
  7. Played in Santa vs. The Bunny
  8. Played in Death Masks - A Case in the Dresden Files
  9. Played in Hello Posters. Welcome back to the Game.
  10. Spectator in Winvirus vs. Lumpen
  11. Played in Freedom of Information v2.0
  12. Spectator in The Sims : Reticulating Scums
  13. Played in A Scanner Darkly
  14. Played in Evolution: Survival of the Fittest!
  15. Played in Plainsville Mafia
  16. Spectator in France 1958: La Vie en Rose
  17. Played in A Game of Chess Mafia Mini
  18. Played in LoZ - Majora's Aftermath
  19. Played in Legends of the Hidden Temple III
  20. Played in The Battle of Bonampak - A Game of Mafia