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  1. jedit.
  2. jeddit
  3. Jedit for stopping the Hal bandwagon

Currently Active Games:

Old Games:

  1. Played in Habemus Papam
  2. Played in App Store CYOR
  3. Played in The Night Circus
  4. Played in The Amazing Race
  5. Played in Wheel of Time
  6. Played in Opotpourri: Infinite Crisis on Infinite Forums
  7. Moderator in Orbital Mafia: Where Time Becomes A Loop
  8. Played in Worst Idea Mafia
  9. Played in Canadians 4: CYOC
  10. Played in Viet Nam Mafia
  11. Played in Modmageddon - A Game of Mafia
  12. Played in Habeas Corpses - Courtroom Drama Mafia
  13. Moderator in KERRANGG! It's Mafia Metal Mayhem!
  14. Played in Bare Bones Mini-Mafia
  15. Spectator in Omnis Divisa: France 42 BC
  16. Played in Back to Basics
  17. Played in Garfield
  18. Played in An Unfortunate Incident at Golden Ray Studios
  19. Played in The Deluge - A Game of Mafia
  20. Played in Nine-Man Nonsense #2: Mafia Fortress 2
  21. Played in How The Scum Stole Christmas 3
  22. Spectator in Mafia Discussion Thread
  23. Played in Strife in Eisenstadt
  24. Played in Waiting for Six Characters in Search of a Rhinoceros
  25. Moderator in Murder At The Psychics Ball: Who Will Have Done It?
  26. Played in Thor: Ragnarok
  27. Played in Apocalypse World
  28. Played in My Marvellous Mr.Men Mod Meta Mafia
  29. Played in Assassin in the Palace
  30. Spectator in Brass & Shrapnel
  31. Played in Rampant Consumerism Mafia
  32. Played in The Misery of Madriu - A Game of Mafia
  33. Played in Mafia Prime
  34. Played in Heroes of the Stormfia
  35. Played in Lunchtime at the Office
  36. Played in The Pearl of Port Lourde - A Game of Mafia
  37. Moderator in Quantum Mafia: Schrodinger's Scum
  38. Played in Funfia 2 - Tragedy at the Macaroni Grill
  39. Played in Drugs Mafia
  40. Played in Flying Circus Mafia
  41. Played in CYOR Something Awful Dot Com Forums Mafia
  42. Played in The Ravenwood Murders - A Game of Mafia
  43. Played in Western Expansion A Mafia Adventure (Mafia)
  44. Played in Dungeons & Dragons: War in the Underdark, a game of Mafia
  45. Played in ALIEN: Eradication, a game of Mafia
  46. Played in UnOrdinary Mafia
  48. Played in Joe Mafia
  49. Played in SLASHER
  50. Played in The Destrian Heist, A Sci-Fi Game of Mafia
  51. Played in NES Accessory Mafia
  52. Played in Bloodbath Mafia
  53. Played in The Avantian Courier - A Game of Mafia
  54. Played in Ronin
  55. Spectator in Diplomacy or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the S Order
  56. Played in Things that suck mafia
  57. Played in Cooks vs. Cons - A Game of Mafia
  58. Played in Mutually Assured Destruction
  59. Spectator in Carbonated Beverages Mafia
  60. Played in Millennials are Killing Mafia
  61. Spectator in Get a New Avatar Mafia
  62. Played in Frontier Gossip - A Game of Mafia
  63. Played in Prey Mafia - the most lethal game of hide and seek
  64. Spectator in The Thing
  66. Played in Choose somebody else's role Mafia