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  1. HCT
  2. Hyber Crab Tank
  3. crab
  4. HTC
  5. hypercrabtank
  6. goofy
  7. HCB
  8. Crabfisher

Currently Active Games:

Old Games:

  1. Played in Games Mafia - A forums Mafia experience!
  2. Played in Disney Sing-Along Edition
  3. Played in Project B-157DQ (Humanoid Robots)
  4. Moderator in Innistrad
  5. Played in Some Strange Characters in: Multiverse of Mafness (CYOR)
  6. Played in Isekai Mafia 2
  7. Played in Stellaris 2
  8. Played in Love, Masons, and Mafia
  9. Played in Cookfia 7: You'll Roux the Day
  10. Played in Now That's What I Call Mafia!
  11. Moderator in The Linnaeus Incident
  12. Played in OOPS! All Bodyguards!
  13. Moderator in It's About Time - Timezone Mafia
  14. Played in Open the curtains! It's Musical !
  15. Moderator in Touhou Jinrou ~ Erratic Alibi in Paradise
  16. Played in The Stepford Wives - A CubicalSucrose Concoction
  17. Played in Disney Mafia
  18. Spectator in The Secret of the Scarlet Peach Blossom Sect
  19. Moderator in Big Top Mafia
  20. Played in Cookfia 8: Spice and Dice
  21. Moderator in WizCon - Exquisite Wizards Convention
  22. Played in Umineko Mafia: Without Love it cannot be
  23. Moderator in Legend of the Five Rings - A game of mafia and dueling
  24. Played in 99% Historically Accurate Mafia
  25. Moderator in Galaxy Frontier 1999: A Space Opera CYOR
  26. Played in Previously On...