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  2. dragnicx

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Old Games:

  1. Played in Mass Effect: Citadel of Chaos
  2. Spectator in HOLD IT! Phoenix Wright: Justice For All Mafia
  3. Spectator in Achievement Unlocked! Mafia
  4. Played in Megaten Mafia
  5. Spectator in TAKE THAT! Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations Mafia
  6. Spectator in Anarchy in Arezzo - A Game of Mafia
  7. Played in Harry Potter and the Blood of Heroes
  8. Played in Terrible Wizards Convention!
  9. Played in Hello Posters. Welcome back to the Game.
  10. Played in Scott Pilgrim vs. The Mafia
  11. Played in The Mafia Discussion Thread.