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  1. tired mortis
  2. morris
  3. tired mortiz
  4. TM
  5. tired moretits
  6. Tireb Noritz
  7. Quan
  8. TiredMoritz

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Old Games:

  1. Played in Mafia - A Mafia-themed Game of Mafia
  2. Played in GBS Mafia MS PAINT EDITION!
  3. Played in Build-a-Pizza mafia
  4. Played in Neko Atsume (Mafia)
  5. Played in A Man's League - a got some chores tonight joint
  6. Played in Gotta Go Fast
  7. Played in Checkmate! Board Game Mafia!
  8. Played in Cat Lady Mafia
  9. Played in The Harvest Festival of Hnetva - A Game of Mafia
  10. Played in NES Accessory Mafia
  11. Played in Tobbs' Role Madness -=Mafia=-
  12. Played in High School Mafia -=Role Madness=-
  13. Played in A Very Mafia Christmas
  14. Played in The Swan Song of Dr. Selene Pereau - A Game of Mafia
  15. Played in Demon Summoner -=Mafia=-
  16. Played in Dumb Scum
  17. Played in Katamari Mafia
  18. Played in Bullet Hell, a game of Mafia
  19. Played in The Aquiline Conspiracy - A Game of Mafia
  20. Played in Flavorful Mafia
  21. Played in Bad Taxidermy Mafia - Choose your own role madness role!
  22. Played in Intrigue in King Rathben's Court - A Game of Mafia
  23. Played in USMNT
  24. Played in Final Fantasy Five Mafia: Fiesta Edition.
  25. Played in Intrigue In King Rathbens Court - A game of MAfia
  26. Played in Things that suck mafia
  27. Played in Cooks vs. Cons - A Game of Mafia
  28. Played in Carbonated Beverages Mafia
  29. Played in Choose Your Own Genesis Cartridge
  30. Played in Town of Salem - An Open Format Mafia Game
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